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... No really, I mean it.

More than 7 years after I first came here, I came back to say farewell.

Before you ask, I mention back in May that I would try to stick around a little longer, but I didn't. I haven't replied to any comments (I have like 380 messages so far that I haven't replied). Been too busy with college (maybe around December, I might actually graduate), sticking by my old friend, ya know, having somewhat of a life? I've become way too distant with dA that, no matter how they change their "outside" looks, they still have problems with the "inside". I'm talking about quality control.

When I first came here back in 2007, I came here not just for the fan art, but for some exposure. I was a growing artist (still am) who later got into cartooning. I saw nothing but fantastic art and tutorials, always being naive about what I dream of becoming. Hell, my first friend was a weeaboo who was obsessed with Gaara from Naruto that I haven't talked to in like 5 or 6 years. Few years passed, I've met some weirdos, trolls, and shit, and I've dug down the rabbit hole. I may have seen some amateurish anime-styled art, but what I see instead is reportable shit like unfiltered porn, blatant traces and art theft, some gross shit, Tom Preston and other narcissistic popular assholes artists, and more. I've been doing some reportings in the pass, but so far I have received no notifications whether any mod has took some action or not. I know that they do get bombarded with fake-ass reports over shit like people bitching about a simple critique or opinion for example, but while bigfixes are nice, shouldn't they be more concern about the shit that stains their website than their web design and getting more people to do this shit? Not to mention they have an incompetent admin (I won't say his name, but some of you reading this my get the idea) who keeps screwing tickets up and falsely banning people.

To anyone who has been reporting bannable offenses just so deviantART can become healthy once more: It's useless. DeviantART is far from help. No matter how much they show off quality art, photos, and comics (ha!) on the front page, they can't hide the messes they have overlooked. Sooner or later, some company is gonna sue their ass over the fact that dA has a shit ton of art thieves and users who blindly take copyrighted works without permission and paste them on their own "work". Not only that, but it seems like dA is become more infamous in not only crappy fan arts with some fetishy content, but for drama llamas and bullshit spewers as well. Hell, I think dA and Tumblr would get along like a couple since they have some things in common.

While I'm at it, I wanted some of my art (and maybe photos perhaps?) to be recognized and have some critique on 'em, but low and behold, the only recognition I get is mostly from my stamps. I know I tend to vent a lot of anger into some of my stamps whenever I see shit pop up, but rarely do I get any critique on some of my shitty art, though I had to improve over time myself. But I shouldn't surprised, as some people fave stamps simply to have people know a little bit more about them.

In short, I think DeviantART is practically the YouTube of art sites, and knowing YouTube, that is something to be ashamed of.

I think the Japanese site Pixiv might be my kind of art site, considering that I have been going there a lot more than I have here recently. I mean, sure I won't be able to find good fan art based on western games or cartoons that you can find on dA (not to mention there's still fetishy content), but dA is a lot worse and I never get into any drama at all.

I might come back if I have anything new to say. Maybe I can post some artworks that I've been meaning to show for sometime now. But until then, it was nice knowing you guys.
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You should know by now
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Just a college graduate who's might coming back, but may be not.

In the meantime, I'm on these sites:…


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A while back, you commented and faved emoticons that I made a few years ago. So thought I'd let you know that I've moved to Behance. I am now a professional and that's where I'll be actif from now on.

If you're on there too, send me a message so I can go check your profile!

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Hey dude, you like Snatcher and Policenauts and stuff. Be my FRIEND. 
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